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This class is designed to prepare you and your family to survive an urban disaster, either natural or manmade. Hands-on instruction focuses on both short-term situations ranging from 24 to 72 hours as well as long-term survival resulting from a grid-down situation or pandemic. This class is held indoors and involves lecture, small-group activities, and individual planning exercises. It is designed to take you from drafting a family or personal emergency plan to what implementation should look like and the critical survival gear needed along the way.

Topics covered:
Survival psychology and the mindset of successful survivors
When to stay put in your home and when to bail out
Home food and water storage recommendations and the 5 key areas of home preparation
Pre-disaster planning and establishing rendezvous points with family members
Local, regional, and statewide evacuation strategies
How to construct a personal Bail-Out Bag (BOB) for the home, office, and vehicle
Water purification methods
Off-grid medical issues
Urban survivor's first-aid kit
Sanitation & hygiene issues
Traps and tools for feeding yourself when the grocery shelves empty
Communication methods and tips for getting in touch with separated family members
Equipping your vehicle for roadside survival
Course runs from 9 am to 3 pm with a short break for lunch. Participants need to bring their own lunch, water, and notebook.

Register for this Urban Survival Course: Mail in a check or money order for the full amount to Ancient Pathways LLC, 2532 N 4th St, PMB #313, Flagstaff, Arizona 86004-3712, email

Our Survival Courses | Our Policies/FAQ

Ancient Pathways, LLC - Specializing in Urban Survival and Disaster Preparedness Training
Ancient Pathways, LLC - Specializing in Urban Survival and Disaster Preparedness Training   Ancient Pathways, LLC - Specializing in Urban Survival and Disaster Preparedness Training

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