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Disasters, whether natural or manmade, come and go each year. It is through developing a self-reliant mindset, having essential survival gear, and learning a handful of critical skills, that you and your family will be able to prevail in an urban crisis.

Our Approach
Learning survival shouldn’t involve a fear-based approach and at our courses, you won’t hear any doom and gloom rhetoric. Urban Survival training is meant to be empowering as you plan for your specific needs, acquire pertinent skills and find out what gear is really necessary while developing the confidence to face a real-world emergency. Brushfire Threatening Homes - Don't let wildfire catch you off guard!As the saying goes, Victory Loves Preparation.

Because we are a fulltime survival training school, all of our teaching material and each skill have been extensively field-tested to provide you with information that can be relied upon. You won’t find any rehashed, 72-hour federal-agency checklists or reality-show gimmicks. Instruction is done in a professional and intense, yet friendly manner.

Our Urban Survival training, typically unfolds in 1 or 2 day hands-on courses (non-overnight and indoors) which involve lecture, take-home skills, small-group scenarios and individual planning activities for your region. Courses focus on both home-preparation and evacuation strategies, should you be forced to bail-out.

What We Are Not
We are not about conspiracy theories, end-of-the-world gloom, zombie warfare, or anti-government rhetoric.

Training Locations
Courses take place nearly every month in major cities throughout the U.S. and are normally held at hotel conference centers within 30 miles of an airport. See our Course listing for a calendar of upcoming events. Urban Skyscraper Scene - Take a better look at how prepared you are when you live in a big city.

We get a lot of requests for custom courses and if you have a group of 5 or more interested people, we can discuss tailoring a course to your specific region and needs. Contact us for specifics on hosting a 1 or 2 Day Urban Survivor Course.

Registering for a course
You can register online via PayPal for the course date of your choice or mail us a check or money order.

Who Attends?
We get people from all walks of life on our courses from concerned parents and business travelers to city managers and first-responders. The age ranges from 35-65 and typically there is a 60/40 split of men/women.

Since our beginnings in 1989, our clients have included the National Weather Service, FAA, law enforcement and SAR personnel, and military special operations units.

Our survival training courses have been featured on the Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, NBC News, and in numerous publications. Consider joining us for a hands-on course and learn how to improve your self-reliance skills should a disaster ever strike.

Urban Survival Courses that will Get You Ready for any Emergency!

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It has been said that the best way to survive a disaster is to be prepared. So, check out our upcoming list of urban survival and disaster preparation courses this season and join us for an urban survival learning experience that you won't forget.


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Join us for Urban Survival Training and be Prepared when Disaster Strikes!

Ancient Pathways, LLC - Specializing in Urban Survival and Disaster Preparedness Training
Ancient Pathways, LLC - Specializing in Urban Survival and Disaster Preparedness Training   Ancient Pathways, LLC - Specializing in Urban Survival and Disaster Preparedness Training

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